“My Equity Train”™ is a summation of the lessons and experiences I have learnt over the past 40 years in the property and finance industry. It is a unique life-stage property planning system that helps property owners achieve significant “equity, income and cash flow” in a time-frame that suits their plans. It represents the property cycles through which we all live and how you can capitalise on them .Now is the perfect time to learn about My Equity Train™ where it has been and where it is headed”.

Don Khoury

The journey on the equity train is a journey which uses the principle of property cycles following the economic clock.

In proving that this system works, data was taken from the median prices of house and units over the last 40 years.

The strategies employed by the equity train are simple proven strategies that have existed since the early Phoenicians ……buy at one price hold for a growth period and sell for a greater price …it’s not how much you paid it’s how much you receive on selling.

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